To move golf back to the centre of our premises, our club house will be redesigned.

In the future, the new office for golf, the restaurant and the housing development will find their place at the heart and centre of our club house.

The restaurant concept envisions bringing together the diverse needs. A sportive atmosphere towards the lobby and a fine dining atmosphere in the restaurant area will be conjoined by a central bar area.

Under the motto “7098 yards taste delicious”, the new kitchen invites day-round (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to extended stays and enjoyment. Our particular attention is on the wine selection: The best from the region as well as select national and international smash hits guarantee true wining pleasure!

In the former area of the sports bar, we will create a separately accessible and large-dimensioned venue for events, internal and external events. The quantity and quality of the new space will harmonise with a relaxed visit to the restaurant and a lively, refined club life, which will complement each other perfectly.