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Hole 14 - Par 4

Hole 14 - Par 4 - Hcp 10
  • White: 419 m, 458 yds
  • Yellow: 366 m, 400 yds
  • Blue: 345 m, 377 yds
  • Red: 330 m, 361 yds
  • Orange: 302 m, 330 yds

Again, a longer par 4 with a ripple in driver distance. If you can make it onto the back of the ripple, the ball will continue rolling a long way and just a short iron will be left to make it on the green. Who is in front of the ripple must expect a long second shot. Because the green is very deep, you should take a close look at the pin position! My pointer: Look at the position from the sixth green!