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Hole 10 - Par 4

Hole 10 - Par 4 - Hcp 2
  • White: 413 m, 451 yds
  • Yellow: 394 m, 431 yds
  • Blue: 376 m, 411 yds
  • Red: 358 m, 391 yds
  • Orange: 328 m, 359 yds

With new vigour, which you have hopefully gathered at the halfway station, this relatively long par 4 can be mastered as well. Who plays their tee shot to the right, still has a long way to the green on this dogleg left. Should you try to position the drive further to the left and shorten the hole this way, you run the risk of landing in the rough and consequently, have no chance for a shot to the green. When approaching the green, it is important by all means to find a way around the bunker waiting in front of the green. But also overshooting the green will be punished: the green is guarded by water on the right and in the back.